Course Objectives:
What is an iOS device for?
How does it improve instruction/administration/achievement?
How can I use it with whole group instruction?
How can I use it with small group instruction?
How can it help me get organized?
How can I engage students with it?

How can they improve...
...student engagement
...improve specific skills
...teach and learn in new and diverse ways
Reaching unique needs (differentiation)
...change the current school culture and administrative process

*Keep the class focused on instructional use/application.
*Make the whole course applicable for any iOS device, rather than dividing up the days into iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Former Course schedule:
April 12: Introduction to iOS Devices and iPhone
April 19: iPhones
April 26: iPad
May 3: iPad and iPod Touch
May 10: iPad and iPod Touch
May 17: Projecting your Device (apple tv, cables required, etc)
May 24: iTunes and iTunes U

New Course schedule:
August 27: What is an iOS Device and what is it for? What can my iOS Device do for me?
September 10: How can iOS devices improve the school culture and current administrative process? / How can my device help me get organized?

September 17: How can iOS devices improve student engagement? / How can I use my device for whole group instruction?
  • Dropbox/Pdf Notes
  • Doceri
  • Reflection?
  • VGA adapter & Apple TV
  • Presetation - keynote, splashtop, appleTV, screen chomp
  • Books displaying on the projector-- iBooks/Nook/Kindle
    • Demonstration? Read a short story and highlight some of the features: dictionary/bookmark/etc...
    • Demonstrate each major book app
    • Show the
  • FaceTime, skype, social media??

September 24: How can iOS devices help increase student achievement? How can I use my device for assessment, progress monitoring, and data management?
  • voice memos, sp ed apps, universal access, references, AIMSWeb
  • progress monitoring, running records - during literacy rotations
  • Dropbox
  • Tests - taking the CFAs

October 1: How can iOS devices help educators teach and learn in new and diverse ways? / How can I use my device to engage students in creative projects?
  • Creativity - Puppet Pals HD, Sock puppets, Comic Life, Toontastic, PhotoBooth
  • Overview of the iLife apps?
  • Using the camera app to video?
  • Podcasts
  • story boarding

October 8: Administrative Process Part II
  • Managing Multimedia - now we'll let you plug in - photos, music, videos, iTunes U

October 15: How can iOS devices improve specific skills? / How can I use my device for small group instruction?
  • Apps
  • Math, language, science, etc.
  • AppStart
  • Appitic - website
  • Maybe end with a brainstorm session of ways they hope to be able to use the iOS device as an educator?