iPod Apps
Google Earth
Books - Stanza - Iceberg
Classics (Public Domain Books)
iBird Explorer
Mental Case (Flash Cards)
Voice Memo
History: Maps of the World
Just Fractions
gFlash+ (Flash Cards)
Convertbot (Unit Converter)
Weather Bug
The Weather Channel
BlogPress Lite
Simple Mind
State Test (Know your capitals)
e: iReveal
PopGeo: US Geography

Top 10 Free Education Apps

  1. NASA app for iPhone
  2. FREE Spanish Tutor
  3. Secrets for iPhone Lite
  4. Mathematical Formulas
  5. Baby Flash Cards
  6. FREE French Tutor
  7. ABC Phonics Animals Lite Free -Talking & Spelling Alphabet Flashcards Kids Games
  8. Matches
  9. Guess My Age  Math Magic
  10. USA Presidents

Top 10 Paid:
  1. KidCalc Math Flash Cards & Learning Games
  2. Wheels on the Bus
  3. ABC Animals
  4. Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy
  5. abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words
  6. Graphing Calculator
  7. Voice Toddler Cards
  8. US-History
  9. Math Flash Cards
  10. Parents® magazine iPlay ’n Learn™

Other Uses:
iTunes U
pdf reader
No apps store
Drop Box
iPod configuration utility - Spencer
audio - set up a folder for each teacher in iTunes
Webclips - Website shortcuts
  • School Website

Teaching/Learning Ideas:
record student reading using voice memo to track fluency and expression
viewing PodCasts & movies

Deployment Issues:
Give Spencer the passwords for the iTunes account
turn off mail? or set each up with an email account?
An app panel for each class?
Can we stop the kids from moving the apps to different locations?

Management, etc.:
screen shields
rubber cases
cloth for screen cleaning
alcohol wipes for cleaning earbuds

In regards to the new itouch lab at Willow Canyon, I was researching filters for a friend that was buying an Itouch for her teenager and I came across this app that essentially replaces the mobile safari and is its own web browser with a filter. You can limit as much as you want with it. Just thought I would pass this information on.

Granite School District's Wiki about iPod Touches: