"There's an app for that!"

(Written and presented by Katie Blunt and Ross Rogers for principal meeting)

Katie - As a principal, I have so much data I have to keep track of! I have to report meeting attendance, time I am out of the building, mileage, teacher observations, and so much more! I wish there was a way for me to easily keep track of all of that information.
Ross - There's an app for that!
  • Google Forms

Katie - I find that I have a lot of communication to do -- planned and unplanned communication. People stop me in the hall and ask for information or ask me to send them an email or ask me to do things, but by the time I get back to my office I can't seem to remember the conversations I just had or anything I just said I would do!
Ross - There's an app for that!
  • eMail
  • Safari
  • infinote

Katie - I have the greatest ideas for faculty meetings and principal newsletters while I'm at home or on the go, but I always forget them by the time I get back to my computer at school. I would love to be able to create presentations and documents right when ideas are fresh in my mind, but you know how I hate to lug my heavy laptop around! I mean, check me out carrying this huge backpack everywhere I go!
Ross - There's an app for that!
  • Productivity -- Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie
  • Dropbox

Katie - I've noticed that Dr. Doty is always twittering.
Ross - Um... I think you mean Tweeting
Katie - Whatever! I've got an Ed Tech that tells me I should be "tweeting" too. And now we're supposed to be on Facebook and loading videos to YouTube. I can see that all of these tools can help me keep teachers, parents, and the community aware of the great things happening at my school, but I just don't know how or when I'm supposed to do it all!
Ross - There's an app for that!
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

(Break character)
Katie - Go over the rest of the list
  • iTranslate
  • VGA Expedition
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