What tech specs are best for using and managing iPods/iPads in the schools?

What issues have we had with using iPods/iPads that we need to find solutions for?

  • At Willow Canyon Internet connection is off-and-on. Often students can't connect to the Internet on the iPods.
  • Students are constantly rearranging and deleting apps making it difficult to rely on them or navigate to them for class instruction. Can we lock the screens?
  • What are the new licensing rules for apps? Are they different for iBooks?
  • A supply of alcohol wipes needs to be kept with the iPods if the students use the earbuds. Is there a better way to keep those earbuds from becoming a giant, tangled mess?
  • Screen cleaner and/or disinfecting wipes are needed with all those hands touching the iPods all day.
  • Is it best to have classes check out the iPods, or is it best to have a class or grade level that implements them more completely?
  • Should teachers spend some time using the iPods themselves -- getting used to them, planning lessons -- before putting them into students hands?
  • We are finding that the ads on free apps can be problematic. We are deciding that we need to buy more than we expected at first so we can avoid issues.