Katie Blunt's notes from Rachel Murphy's presentation at C-Forum about the Kearns High iPod initiative

Management and the One-to-One Initiative with the iPod Touch (Rachel Murphy) ramurphy@granitedistrict.org

The library media specialist is also the tech specialist - so the librarian is in charge

Why iPod Touches instead of iPads, etc.
  • Mobility
  • Pocketability
  • If they are allowed to put their own music on it, they will always have it with them.
  • They are allowed to have their own music and Pandora
  • They are not allowed to download or sink their own apps
  • They did a focus group with the students, and they preferred the iPod for all these reasons
  • The students weren't worried about reading on the small screen

Ordering equipment:
  1. 1700 ipod touch’s (8 gb - $200) (Consider getting the 32 gb for the extra $100)
  2. Document cameras for those rooms without
  3. Ipads teachers
  4. Video cables
  5. Itunes purchasing cards

  • Summer sessions – 18 hours all staff + one Wednesday night session.
  • By Nov. 1 all teachers had participated in 18 hours of basic training.
  • Nov. 10 started 21st century skill training

What if they lose or damage them?

This one isn’t as tough as you think-although it is the one questions most people ask first.
  1. We provided an opportunity for them to purchase insurance. (Information on their wiki)
  2. We expect them to pay $200 to reimburse the cost of the device.
  3. As soon as they pay or work with the bookkeeper on a payment plan, we issue another device.
  4. They prosecute any devices that are stolen or not returned when a student leaves the school
  5. Barcode for checkout through library
  6. Name, student number on stickers
  7. Colored dots on each coordinating with the sync carts
  8. Make sure your PO says engraving
  9. Find My Device update in the latest software may help too

10 Apps students & teachers couldn't live without:
  1. Flash Card Touch
  2. Idea Sketch
  3. Splice
  4. Docs2Go,
  5. Pandora/iPod,
  6. eclickr
  7. myhomework
  8. LearnCast

Volume licenseing
Only purchase the apps for the students who are enrolled in the class. The other students are asked to delete the app folders for those classes they are not taking
You could set up a volume licensing account for the district or for each school or for each teacher.
Don't buy volume until you know for sure you really like it.
Use gift cards for teachers to purchase apps for their iPads

Go to their wikis or view their ppt for the rest of the information.